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June 24, 2006
Winter Journey
It's cold and chilly where I am, so there's no more appropriate music than Schubert's Winterreise, or Winter Journey. A 24 part song cycle famously described as 24 shades of grey, it's one man's look back on life and things done, and a look forward to death and the end. It's sad, cold, chilly, blistering, and nails in the heart stuff. It feels so me.

As Schubert neared the end his music becomes extraordinarily deep and insightful. There is this ability to step outside of his own sphere, and observe the life around him. It is the godlike sight with all the human feeling and pain. It is the Winterreise.

Here is a 50 minute radio presentation from the Connection. It features lots of archive material, and has some great observations from the guests and callers. Here.