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June 18, 2006
Tubin - 7 Preludes
Besides composing a remarkable 10 symphonies, the Estonian Composer Eduard Tubin (1905-1982) also contributed his share to Twentieth Century piano literature. He numbers 2 Sonatas, a handful of suites, and numerous Preludes amongst the black and white. BIS Records have done a pretty good survey of Tubin's works, including the complete symphonies, complete trios, and the violin concerto. I think most artists would be grateful to have such a loyal advocate, even if they can only watch on from above.

One of the stunning releases is a 3-CD set of Tubin's complete solo piano music. It's worth a check in when you can find the time, but until then, I've managed to locate a complete performance of the 7 Preludes. Composed in 1976, they make use of all the modern techniques of Tone Rows, and Percussive Effects, and Pentatonic Themes, but you can just listen to the playing if you don''t know what all that means.

Courtesy of an Estonian Music Academy I won't even try to reproduce the name of, and served up live via webJay. Here.