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June 16, 2006
An Opera House Dissected
I don't know if it's physically possible to take apart an Opera House, but Guthry from the Crunch has made a pretty good attempt to do so. Compiled from sources on the ground, and adding his own expert opinion, Guthry gives us a breakdown of Toronto's new Opera House, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. My arse, that's a long name, and as I've mentioned previously, it's going to be acquiring a nickname in no time. The Crunch gives us his view from a listener's perspective, and as always, Guthry is concerned primarily with the aural experience, the immersive event you might jargon it. Add to that a bit of bitter invective against the encroaching era of branding, and you have a very nice piece of informative reading. Get the low down here.