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June 20, 2006
Naxos in June
Naxos continue to pump out the releases, and this month ain't no different. The only label to be continually exploring new territory, and at an astonishing rate too, its an utter music lovers delight when the first of the month rolls around. Some of the stuff I've partaken of in the month of June - Buxtehude Organ Works hits Vol 5, Vivaldi gets a 3rd disk of Bassoon Concertos, a loud disk of Stokowski Transcriptions taken from Bach, Handel, and Purcell, and Villa Lobos gets surprising continued treatment of his piano music, which now makes a 5th volume. There's a new cycle of Dowland Lute Music, not of interest as I already have a complete box of him, but well worth listening for those who haven't discovered the joys of paced Lute writing. Korngold gets homage with a reconstructed movie soundtrack - Captain Blood - and you wonder why his reputation has fallen through the floor, and there's Strauss with his Alpine Symphony, a composer whom I'm starting to warm to. A disk of Meynaud Chamber Music which I wrote about in an earlier post, plus another half dozen plus discs I haven't even sampled. It's a musical treasury.

Disc of the month goes to Monteverdi and a recording of his 5th Book of Madrigals. The more I hear of this Italian Note Weaver, the more inclined I am to give him a chair at My Table of Musical Masters. Novelties and Passion, and Variety, the hallmarks of a questing mind, give it a listen here.