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June 21, 2006
Musical Epiphany
Sometimes in life, its worthwhile just to stop and ponder how you got to where you are. What job you do, where you live, what music you listen to - what were the forces that shaped who you are? There's a certain element of sympathetic resonance in all this - after all, there are many things that cross our path that aren't incorporated into our thinking and behaviour - you have to be open to the influences in the first place. But the triggers, the chance events - a song heard, a conversation spoken, a movie seen - these instigators of change are so often Pure Serendipity, fate rolling the dice in our favour.

Yesterday I chased up an insightful comment regards Monteverdi and his musical development, and I ended up at a blog entry called 'Musical Journeys". This post from a Norwegian expat living in Australia is the story of how he ended up with his current musical tastes, which seem focused purely on the Italian Master Monteverdi. He even reads academic works on the Vespers! It's a great journey starting with Satie in his youth, moving on to Garbarek (who!) and clumps of jazz, then having the great Musical Epiphany of Monteverdi. His tale will have you reminiscing on your own journey through the realm of music, and applauding Alexander for this delightful piece of writing.

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