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June 16, 2006
Ligeti Remembered
The blokes over at ionarts do it the way it was meant to be done, and while they might have been overtaken by the more nimble and prolific Blogcritics, their sense of the visual and the adherence to the core principles of the arts remains strong and undiluted. And all this from a site run out of the blogger interface, it feels like a glossy magazine on screen, beautiful layout.

The latest posting from Jens Laurson is a retrospective on the recently deceased composer Ligeti. Focusing on the works summarises the man more effectively than the maudlin posts doing the rounds in the blogosphere at the moment. The "I met Ligeti once" and "Ligeti wrote me a letter" type anecdotes seem more self-glorification than genuine grief. But hey, if I had met Ligeti I might be telling a different story.

Umm, I seem to be getting a bit bitter. Time for some sleep, but you can read this fine post here.