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June 29, 2006
The Hyperion Experience
One of the more admirable independents in the game, Hyperion Records has compiled a curious catalogue of 1400 discs over 25 years. They have recorded the little known works of major composers, and the major works of little known composers. Among their list of artists there is Angela Hewitt, who has a valid claim for being the Bach Interpreter of our Times, and Leslie Howard, who undertook the insane project of recording the complete Liszt, that's a block of 94 discs to add to the end of your shelf. And from a piano perspective, another important artist is Marc-Andre Hanelin, an advocate of Alkan, and other impossible to play works of the Romantic age, like Godowsky's combined Chopin etudes.

It's an impressive catalogue, and their openness to the Renaissance era is especially warming. Hyperion have assembled all their sample tracks into one easy to access page, and there are over 700 complete files here. Most of their selections are under 5 minutes, but its quite a gift to the online world. Open your ears here.