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June 16, 2006
Hugh Sung
For those who haven't heard of him, Hugh Sung is a pianist with a strong technological bent. In fact, his whole blog revolves around the theme of "music meets tech", with an especial emphasis on the Tablet PC or Slate, as pictured on the left. Basically, Hugh sees this as the next evolution of the computer - laptops are so passe. You have all your sheet music stored on a clipboard sized device, just hit the screen or a button to turn pages, and with a wifi connection you can do all your email and websearching by writing with a stylus on the screen. Simple, intuitive, and powerful, it's the ultimate tool.

The Hugh Sung Weblog is a bit confronting at first. You ask yourself, is this a blog? There's maps, and handwriting, and little banners and buttons to press, all a bit of a step up for an arch-minimalist like me. But there's lot to discover, as Hugh has his own unique take on things. Here.