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June 15, 2006
Grieg - the Piano Sonata
Today marks the birthday of Norway's national composer, Edvard Grieg. Best known for his Piano Concerto, his 10 Books of Lyric Pieces, and the side music for Peer Gynt, Grieg seemed to struggle for that larger output that would put him up with the Masters. Early on, he tested his hand with a Symphony, a String Quartet, and some chance Chamber Sonatas, but the old established forms of the previous era didn't seem to fit this wild-haired man from the North. He would find his medium in short, rhapsodic works, pieces more akin to powerful poetry rather than the long, dense musical arguments of the Teutonic Brahms. Grieg, however, did manage to complete a Piano Sonata, it dates from the 20 year man with just one lung.

Courtesy of the piano society, and pianist Erik Helling. Live stream here.