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June 23, 2006
Composing the Old Fashioned Way
Greg Stephanich finds in his latest post that the Technology Fascists might just have taken over. As Guthry wrote in an excellent post on Machine Music, we are entering the age where music is constructed and performed entirely on the laptop screen in front of us. Some might see this as the Composer being returned to his rightful place on the Throne, utter Master of all Elements before him - from the actual notes, specifying accents, the gait of the music, the Sound World is completely his.

Poor old Greg just wanted to transfer his musical conceptions from mind to paper, and have some adjutant transcribe it, send it off to the publisher, and dress himself up for First Performance Night. No more!

And much as I like the software that Greg has been using, the scribe Sibelius, I too find that it is merely a way of generating a midi score - not the means or the assistant in the Composing Process. Automatic chord completion? What sort of world of Musical Dependency are these people trying to conceive?

Lucid thinking, here.