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June 28, 2006
Classical Music is dead?
I wonder is Classical Music really is dead? An arcane hobby of a dedicated few, kept functional by government grants and longtime bequests, an industry bred by high school lessons and University studies. An Art that cannot sustain itself any longer, parasitic on others. Sure the passion is there, I can see it in the dozen or so blogs dedicated to Classical, and they have a devoted audience of maybe a hundred, but we are talking about a worldwide entity here, and the numbers are so miniscule. We might as well be Students of Euclid, reading and rereading his divine Books of Geometry. Such is the marginal and pleasantly tolerated nature of our Pasttime.

Parents still see reason to give their offspring music lessons, and if you come from a middle class family of Asian background, the gentle prod will be towards the violin or piano. Guitar seems the first real preference of children - it's complete, they see others playing it, and it's easy to carry round. And so a whole industry of Music Teachers with Tertiary Degrees finds their employment.

Orchestras survive off public grants, and so employ more Graduates. The major labels seem to have done with Classical Music, I think they recognise a carcass when its rotting at their feet. No more new recordings, just rereleases. Naxos get by with utilising an army of Soviet bred musicians - themselves an ideal product of their State Development programs. Nowhere can Classical Music stand on its own feet, a Proud Tradition facing the world square on.