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June 25, 2006
2 Pianos, 8 Hands
All I can say is that the 19c loved their piano, and their whole conception of music revolved around it. Transcriptions of quartets, symphonies, and operas were regularly produced for piano 4 hands, and more music must have been performed in this medium than any other, all numbers being counted. Well, we go one up in this release, not just music on 2 pianos for that extra sound, but a full 8 hands!

The Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien is of little note, seeming to rely entirely on effects, the music itself is quite sparse, Glazunov takes up half the disc with two nature pieces, the Forest, and the Sea, but worth getting for itself is the Balakirev, and an arrangement of his symphonic poem Tamara.

Have a listen here,